Why Can’t We Have One Baby with IVF Therapy?

Certainly the greatest medical wonder for married couples is the test tube baby to give expression to the age-old desire to procreate. Married life seems barren indeed without a toddler or two in the midst of the palatial residence. The adoption game often does bring cheer to futile parents but is, of course, the second best option. Blood is thicker than water and the family tree would run on and on through the naturally born.

IVF Treatment in India – Procedure and Risks Involved
Source: Medifee.com

Medical science has too many wonders to its credit and that is why it is not too much to expect an IVF baby if the couple fails to conceive. The problems are the ifs and buts with few guarantees to back up often costly IVF treatments. The lucky parents get the baby all right and some through surrogacy too, that is slowly getting to be somewhat of an industry. In China, women will substitute the unwilling wife through the nine-month carrying period and hand over the baby like a home delivery parcel.


Determination pays off all right though in pursuing the many centres claiming to get it right with IVF. Charges may vary and chances of pregnancy are the big question mark. You have to play along with the suspense of course and be prepared for disappointments. Meanwhile, many things happen each day in the sensational world of medical science as in IVF.


The IVF engendered seven puppies to a surrogate mother reminds us again of how valuable the technique is getting to be like in preserving rare species. Three sets of parents came together for the puppy births through the process of frozen semen, a technique getting perfected too. Don’t forget that the Chinese are even setting up a cloning centre and though there is no plan to clone human beings, perhaps they do possess the capability. Have you not heard that the child of the future would be able to combine the genes and characteristics of several sets of parents like putting together a complex recipe?

The uterine transplant was first successful in Sweden and now America is getting ready to do that. It would help women with uterine problems and those who are born without the uterus and thus remain infertile.

Basically, most couples especially the younger and inexperienced ones live in a world of ignorance. Though the present day world is extremely lucky to be exposed to tonnes of information over the internet, a lot of it is unreliable. Besides, all the professional values, money and adjustment problems soon after marriage create a trauma especially if no natural conception takes place soon enough. The doubts commence with the sex pattern itself and once again all the myths surround regarding how and when to conceive. With hardly any sex education except in the biology class available at a young school age, most are left at sea regarding reproduction.

A reasonable counselling session with a medical practitioner, of course, would set many doubts at rest but many hesitate to do even that. Lucky are they who have a doctor in the family or among the close set of friends! Intimacies do help or the problem keeps getting postponed sometimes to the point of no return. Interest slowly wanes in IVF and a convenient opportunity to adopt may appear.

Even if you did opt for IVF with all the time, patience, energy and money, success is hard to come by and failures could recur. An empty follicle syndrome could occur and ‘Eggs could not be collected,’ says the doctor. This situation could occur even after satisfactory sperm count and acceptable eggs. Are you really prepared to face such multiple failures and really have superhuman patience besides the expense, travel, time and harassment?


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