The Happy Brain Chemicals And How To Activate Them

It is clearing up some perennial mysteries, understanding the happy brain chemicals, and activating them, especially if you are in depression and wishing to come out clean. Is it possible to deliberately decide to be satisfied? Modern approaches to yoga and meditation indicate that thinking since it is a conscious decision to adopt positive attitudes and turning inwards brings rich rewards. Did you know that two brain systems exist, the limbic and the cortex? Both are essential to life and DNA protection.

What is neuro chemicals?

The limbic system generates the neurochemicals according to the good and the bad, while the large human cortex keeps animal instincts away. Good celebratory chemicals refer to Dopamine, endorphins, Serotonin, and Oxytocin. When something is going wrong, it is time for cortisol, the lousy feeling chemical. According to Breuning, it is like a wheel, with the good chemicals being metabolized and then the bad feeling coming back, after which we want the happy ones back again. The question is how to boost these urges for pleasure, which is quite natural since we are all thrill-seekers!

According to the utopian life study, it is possible to explore and invigorate those four happy neurochemicals through appropriate activities to heighten their effect and cultivate happiness. Build antidotes to depression, insomnia, anxiety, and panic attacks that have become a global scourge due to enormous tensions we suffer in big city life, the bitter competition, and financial and professional challenges. 

➢   Dopamine

Among happy brain chemicals and how to activate them, consider Dopamine that motivates actions with doses of pleasure. If you lack enthusiasm and interest to pursue goals, dopamine levels are lacking. How do we restore the Dopamine shot? Practice the things you regularly like, whether it is a game, a garden party, or a trek with a group of friends. Do them consciously, and so it becomes a double blessing to be caressed by doses of Dopamine each time to keep batteries charged for motivating activities. Avoid the lows, though, as if life was a series of peaks with no intervening valleys. Jump from one happiness generating activity to another without hitting any bottom.

➢   Oxytocin

While considering happy brain chemicals and how to activate them, perhaps Oxytocin needs to occur first since it deals with intimate lives that deal with relationships built on trust. The closest relationships like the sexual act and childbirth generate Oxytocin. Like cement for forging relationships, this neurochemical helps us bond close together and lead a satisfying life. Traditional and primitive cultures have more intimate relationships than contemporary value systems, just like closeness to nature. Even little gifts would promote relationships and give rise to higher Oxytocin levels. A hug that enables more intimate human contact is better than a handshake, practiced by world leaders. Work, life, culture, and cooperation are better achieved through meaningful hugs, and medical authorities prescribe that they are practiced.

➢   Serotonin

We feel good to know that we are big and strong, prosperous and dominating when Serotonin is generated. Yet, we know that ego problems are often the cause of helplessness and thwarted goals. The reverse feelings would cause depression and negative attitudes. No wonder then that antidepressants work on the Serotonin producing principle, as explained by Barry Jacobs, a Princeton neuroscientist

➢   Endorphins

The final nugget of our happy brain chemicals and how to activate them list brings up Endorphins that rise to stress challenges like anxiety, like an analgesic that relieves pain. Humor and laughter, exercise, and meditation are all anxiety and pain busters, just like some drugs, both prescription and illegal drugs. Aromatherapy with favorite flavors like vanilla would produce more fabulous Endorphins, certain foods too. 

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