8 Tips on How to Lose Upper Thigh Weight

If obesity is HBO of TV than thigh fat is its “Game of thrones”! This cheesy reference means that getting rid of thigh fat is not easy. Thigh fat is the most stubborn fat of human body. But it is not impossible to get rid of and get a leaner, muscular thigh.

Obesity is a huge problem worldwide. Millions of people suffer from obesity every year. Being obeys can lead to serious health consequences, such as cardiovascular disease, Chronic high Blood Pressure, higher cholesterol, arthritis and brain stroke.

Obesity can be due to many different reasons including genetic, physical, mental, environmental and habitual factors.

Focus on Cardio:
Do not lift more weights in the gym. Instead, focus on the cardio exercises. Also, try aerobic exercises and Yoga. You can increase your cycling time or jogging time during gym.

Make a habit of waking up early and jogging. This will help you to cut down that unwanted fat.

Be regular in your exercises and you will surely lose some weight. Focus more on squats and other equipment free exercises.

Start Climbing:
I am not saying that you should start climbing Mount Everest! But start climbing your stairs instead of taking a lift. Increase the height of your treadmill. Start jogging on slopes instead of flat surfaces.

Climbing slopes or steps put more pressure on thigh muscles, which in turn result to fat burning.

Eat More:
Yes, you read it right, in order to decrease your weight you will have to eat more raw fruits and vegetables. Raw foods do not contain too much energy and calories. However, they are rich in protein and other vitamins. Make sure to keep you diet completely. Lack of any nutrient can also cause obesity and excess fat accumulation.

Stop eating fried food and fast food. As they have the highest calories while fruits, on the other hand, have very low calories, but with required vitamins and nutrients. In reality, to lose weight, you must stop eating fried items and should be very careful while dining outside.

Don’t ignore fruits:
I am sure that you must have heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Well, it turns out to be quite true. The more fruits you eat more dietary fiber you ingest and digest. Since these fibers are non-edible, they help to clean up the stomach.

Eat More Often:
You have probably heard about this a lot. Eat small snacks multiple times a day to reduce fat. But do you know why? Actually, when we eat too much and our bodily energy need is satisfied, excess glucose travels to liver from blood and converts into fat molecules there.

When you eat less food multiple times, that actually uses all of the food and leaving no room for excess fat storage.

Try to remain on a low-calorie diet such as, dry fruit diet or protein diet. Don’t worry you will get used to it.
Thus eating healthy food more often reduces total fat levels in the body. Thus, you can lose weight by eating more. Make sure not to eat anything cooked, try the raw food and control your hunger.

Drink Cold Water:
The recent study has found that a woman lost 10 pounds only by drinking cold water every day. Cold water is low in temperature than of human body. Researches have shown that when you drink cold water, our body has to use more energy to cope with these temperature changes.

So indeed, drinking cold water can reduce your belly and thigh weight and fat. Do not drink ice-cold water all the time it might have consequences in future. Cold and fever are just a few of them.

Drink at least 2 liters of fresh water every day. Water will also energize the human body and helps to reduce fat in our body. Though it does not work great, it contributes its relatively small reduction of weight.

Sleep Better:
Sleeping well can actually benefit you to lose weight. Proper sleep guarantees hormonal control in your body. Sleeping less or more is related to hypertension and stress. Thus, keep your sleep between 6-8 hours per day.

It is important to note here that time of the sleep also matters. The key is to get deep sleep during the night, occasional small naps throughout the day are just fine. We are more likely to go in the deep sleep at night rather than at daytime.

Don’t Stress:
Stress is the major cause of obesity. Believe it or not, happy persons stay slim and fit. Stress releases stress hormones. Which in turn release thyroid hormone. This thyroid hormone increases overall body mass and fat.
The more you stress the more hormone secretion and you will become fattier. This is also due to the fact that stress negatively affects our digestive system and reduces food absorption. The excess food is stored as fat in our body.

Change your habits:
This is probably the most important tip of all. Do not be a lazy couch potato. Stay constantly active. People who sleep after eating generally accumulate fat throughout their body.

Keep your body out of your comfort zone, instead of going by car try walking to your destination. Do not be lazy or feel pity for yourself.

Determine wrong daily habits and change them, try one habit at a time and start living a healthier life. Changing the habits may be very difficult, but certainly not impossible. And always remember ‘Never Back Down ’approach. No matter what happens do not give up on your fitness goals.

Finally, be proud of who you are, do not spend your entire life looking the way you do now. Reducing weight is not impossible. Also, practice meditation and alternative practices. Meditate or deep breathe for at least 5-10 minutes every day. This will help to correct our body’s biology.

If you follow these simple tips, you are guaranteed to lose some stubborn upper thigh weight. With muscular thighs, you can rediscover your inner self. Wish you a very great transformation! Tune into our website for more.

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