The Englishman who manufactured smiles

Happiness is something very precious to human lives. Our present world and the people living in it have been living a life of fast technology and the expectation has always been fast and better things. In this fast life, people spend most of their time earning. Hence the word like depression and sadness is very frequent factors in the day today’s life of present human beings. A moment of a smile can heal the hours of pain. Such a thing is scarce in the present world, but still few people are experts in involving smiles in human lives. These people are known as a comedian. They make us laugh hiding their pain. They give us moments of healing hiding their moments of suffering. These people are the people who manufacture smiles and give them to the world. One such brilliant mind was Bernard Manning known for his comic timings, made thousands laugh their stomach out in the past. During his days, he healed people with smiles.

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About Him

This English gentleman, who was born on 13 August 1930, was a comedian and he owned a nightclub. For the people who were present in his time, he was a simple guy who speaks about different communities and races and still does not offend anyone. Although little didn’t like all of them he believed that jokes are meant to laugh. After his blooming career in the nightclub and enough fan base, Bernard Manning moved to television in the seventies appearing in some shows like “The Comedians and The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club”. Controversial was something which constantly associated with him. Some people of that age did not approve of his jokes about the ethnic minorities and this also became a serious issue in his later part of his television career. Although Bernard Manning meant only jokes some people were against him and this was usual for every personality these days. He was best known for his comic timing for his jokes about race and religion.

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Although many people discarded Bernard Manning’s jokes there were many more people who appreciated his jokes. His personal life was not that sound as his wife Vera died of a heart attack at the age of 57 and his only son chose to move away from his house. So Bernard Manning lived with his mother. A couple of his brothers were also dead by that time. The tragedy was never seen in his face and his jokes were working much more than a mask to his face. The latter part of his life Bernard Manning was suffering from Kidney problems and on June 18th, 2007 he left this material life leaving behind a name that still makes people smile at times.


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Source: Vada magazine

Bernard Manning was an admirable comedian of his age. He performed to make people smile and heal their lives of sorrows. His idea of race and religion was completely different from others. Those who got this idea got their share of a laugh. His jokes on the different people and their walks of life are still used by many contemporary days comedian. Bernard Manning was the Englishman who manufactured smiles’.